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Mastering Your New Normal - Making Sense of Research

Updated: May 30, 2020

In the past couple of months, so much has changed, every organisation has been disrupted to a greater or lessor extent. The economy has changed and potentially our position within our markets.

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The purpose of the research conducted at step 1 has been to explore:

  • What has changed both internally and externally?

  • What have been the impacts of those changes?

  • Are they likely to be long term or short term?

  • Has everyone else in our sector been impacted to the same degree?

  • And as a RESULT, What changes do we need to make to our organisations so we continue to operate successfully?

There are many ways to analyse you information. Here are four activities that will help with the analysis and creation of a set of findings.

Toolset to Make Sense of the Research

  1. A series of Mini SWOTs - based on the Step 1 Research Topics.

  2. An exploration of larger themes - these will be key in looking at the future of our organisations.

  3. The Hi-Low Matrix - helps to make sense of the outcomes of the staff experience survey and identify areas where support of staff is needed.

  4. Presenting your findings - a few quick points on who, how, when, where and why.

M365 ABCW Out the Other Side - Making Se
Download • 11.65MB

Download the full 'Making Sense of Research' Tool Kit in PPT

Thanks to Darrell Webster for uploading the video and helping put the conference together. Find useful how-tos on using M365 products, creating video content and more. See Darrell As A Service YouTube.

If you missed the previous steps and presentations catch up here:

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