• Cairo Walker

How to Support the Move to Your New World Order

Updated: May 30, 2020

Communications and planning your organisational change response is core for this session which covers the following:

  • Making plans to support change

  • Engaging key stakeholders

  • Creating an activity plan

  • Carrying out scenario planning

Amanda and Cairo co-presented a planning framework for businesses responding to massive change. The five-part workshop series was part of m365May.com. presentations were presented live every Friday at 9am through the month of May 2020. #M256May


If you missed the previous steps and presentations catch up here:

Introduction to the Four-step Framework

Step 1: A Practical Research Tool - How to Master Your New Normal

Step 2: Mastering Your New Normal - Making Sense of the Research

Step 3: How to Plan your way out of COVID-19 lockdown

Thanks to Darrell Webster for uploading the video and helping put the conference together. Find useful how-tos on using M365 products, creating video content and more. See Darrell As A Service YouTube.

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