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How to Master Your New Normal - A Four-Step Framework

Updated: May 30, 2020

A four-step framework for assessing where we are now; looking at the shape of our organisations as we come out of lockdown and planning and support the move to a new era.

Amanda and Cairo co-present the framework in a workshop series as part of m365May.com - join us every Friday at 9am through the month of May 2020.

This story is an example of lockdown-inspired innovation, from a Speech Therapist working in a Community Health Service in outer Melbourne, who, due to social distancing, was unable to meet with her 'clients'.

In one particular case, rather than risking the client falling behind in their therapy, the Speech Therapist decided to run a Zoom session with the client and the client's family. She ran the session at 8 am while the family were having their breakfast. The outcome was that not only did the therapy session go ahead, but by running it over breakfast, the Therapist was able to do observational research at the same time, providing a number of insights on how the client interacted with the rest of the family. Insights that would not have been possible in their pre-Covid world.

Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention! I am sure we all have similar stories.

We know that Covid lockdown restrictions will be relaxed at some point. There is already talk about the 'new normal' or referring to new ways of working post-Covid. There won't be one, generic kind of 'new normal.' The new normal will be specific to each industry and to each organisation within that industry.

The chaos and frantic nature of the past few months have forced organisations to make big decisions in brutally fast timeframes.

Now it’s time to step back, evaluate what has occurred, assess the decisions made and reflect on what those lessons tell us about what matters most to our organisations. By doing this, we can make informed decisions about how the organisation needs to operate moving forward.

At ABCW, We have created a simple four-step framework for thinking strategically about the changes that have occurred, and those still happening and more importantly, the implications for your organisation.

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